Holistic Healing, LLC
Melissa Leibman provides a combination manual therapy techniques and energy healing for pain relief of back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, spinal alignment, scoliosis, trauma, post-concussion, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, TMJ, GI problems
Benefits of Manual Therapy and Energy Healing

Complementary medicine (CM) complements the wisdom of nature as stated by James Oschman in Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance.  He also states that CM reverses or slows the communication breakdowns in the immune system and restores balance.  The techniques that I do according to James Oschman stimulates the body to repair itself.  I concur that this truly what happens when I help you heal.  I along with all other healers help you heal, whether it be a Dr., nurse, PT, massage, or energy worker., etc.  Healers do not heal you.  You heal you.  Doctors input energy in the form of pharmaceuticals, surgery,etc. to help you heal. Loving kindness and taking care of your needs is healing (nurses do this in hospitals, and when you go home family members and/or friends help you).  Yes, family, friends and any other caretaker is helping in the healing process.  Healers can generate a lot of energy and "input" energy into your body which goes into your tissues all the way into your cells to help you heal.

Holistic Healing,LLC is the name of my business.  Holistic is defined as relating to or concerning with complete systems rather than individual parts.  I work on your entire body, not just the parts or areas that are in pain.  Holistic medicine is defined as attempting to treat both the mind and the body.  Integrative medicine is blending the therapies of alternative medicine along with other mainstream medical practices.  Click on 'techniques' for details of the types of blending that I do.

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